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A Word From The Owners

As the owners of The Secret Garden Wholistic Inc, we hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence. We strive to provide the most comprehensive massage experience to our guest with a focus on the whole being. We began this venture with the notion that our guest deserve that little extra take away from every massage service. Whether it is some information on stretching techniques, herbal remedies and supplements, or just some encouragement to reach your health and wellness goals. We take pride in being informative and aware. We are confident that this notion will set us apart from the crowded market of chain establishments and fluff n buff massage parlors. Our mission is to offer quality, consistency, and most of all comfort to our guest and we stand behind that commitment 110%

Much Gratitude to YOU!!!

Melissa and Larissa


The Secret Garden 


Melissa Daniels LMT

Massage Expe​rt

With a decade of experience in the massage industry and almost 20 yrs of experience and knowledge of natural and alternative health, Melissa offers various modalities of massage as well as Crystal Healing and Guided Meditation.


Delaina Floyd

Massage Expert


Larissa Grigsby LMT & PTA


Massage Expert

With more than a decade as a Licenced Massage Therapist as well as Physical Therapist Assistant, Larissa offers various massage modalities with a concentration in Sports Massage, deep tissue, and Kinesiotaping and she incorporates her knowledge of physical therapy techniques to further enhance your massage experience.

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